All Workshops Take Place In The Upstairs Theater At The Bard’s Town

1801 Bardstown Rd

Laser Focus by Chris Fair (Laser Comedy Show – Chicago, IL) 11am 

Chris F 1 

Chris Fair’s “Laser Focus” workshop concentrates on multi-tasking and visualizing choices. What details that object work represents past the “labels” and how to be more purposeful and expressive emotionally during scenes. That’s A LOT to focus on! 

Why should you take this workshop though? LASERS, that’s why!!!  Participants will eventually be drawing their choices of characters, objects and scenery on the laser reactive screen like a futuristic puppet while acting the scene as their creations and that’s where focussing on details and emotional purpose really comes in handy. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a good artist or not, but once you see how funny everything is drawn in cartoon like fashion, you’ll see the same choices are just as funny when used in “traditional” improv if you are putting in the focus. Again, artistic talent is not a pre-requisite. Even a squiggly line drawing is worth a thousand words. 


Chris Fair has been a visual artist all of his life, studied art and film at Northern Illinois University and has been performing stand up, improv and sketch comedy since 2004. He has been developing the Laser Comedy Show since early 2011 when his brother introduced him to the technology with his laser reactive Clothing Company, Hyphy Color. Chris has studied at Chicago’s Notorious Second City, iO, Annoyance, ComedySportz theaters and has performed his signature show coast to coast at improv and comedy festivals.

  25 People Cap


The Collage Workshop by Jonathan Pitts (The Collage – Chicago, IL) 1:30pm




Taught by Chicago Improv Festival creator and producer, Jonathan Pitts, The Collage is a form that can expand or contract to the needs of the performers and the show slot, but in essence it is a long form with lots of short form options. Every style of play and player can fit into this form. The players will learn the process of The Collage as well as several of the different moves that are available to utilize in this very audience friendly form. All players need is a sense of fun and a willingness to jump into any moment as well as support every moment.

A version of The Collage is currently being performed by Chicago’s Octavarius in their weekly show at ComedySportz. Back in the early ’00’s, The Rooftop Players set the all-time consecutive win record in iO Comedy Theatre’s Cage Match by playing The Collage. Both teams learned The Collage from CIF’s co-founder and executive producer Jonathan Pitts. He’s also taught this workshop in Honolulu at the Improvaganza Festival and other festivals across the country.


Jonathan Pitts is an award winning international theatre artist from Chicago. He is a creator, director, improviser, performer, producer, and teacher. He co-founded the Chicago Improv Festival and produced it for 20 years. He also created and produced the College Improv Tournament for 10 years and he created and produced the Chicago Podcast Festival or the last 2 years. He taught improv at The Second City for 16 years and he is a contributing writer to The Second City’s book on improvisation. For 3 consecutive years he was selected by New City Magazine as one of Chicago’s Top 50 Theatre Players. He has performed in over 1,200 improvised shows.

 25 People Cap