Damaged Good Improv – Louisville, KY – Friday 10pm Show


Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Damaged Goods has quickly become The River City’s premiere and most sought after improv comedy troupe. Since their inception, they have taken their special and unique brand of high energy short form improv games and managed to become a recognizable name in Louisville’s soaring and vibrant arts scene. Voted by LEO Readers as one of the “Best Comedians” and “Best Performing Arts Groups” in Louisville in 2011, Damaged Goods has spent the last few years thrilling audiences from Nashville, to Chicago and right here in Louisville! Often called “The Best Improv South of Chicago,” Damaged Goods’ unique style of high energy improv games continues to leave audiences begging for more in Louisville and many other places in North America. They’ve performed for 5 years in a row at the Chicago Improv Festival in Chicago, IL and the Detroit Improv Festival in Detroit, MI. They’ve performed as headliners at the Compass Improv Festival in St. Louis, MO, and have also been seen at the Big Little Comedy Festival in Cleveland, OH, The San Francisco Improv Festival in San Francisco, CA, The Big City Improv Festival in Toronto, ON Canada, the IFCincy Festival in Cincinnati, OH, The Pittsburgh Comedy Festival in Pittsburgh, PA, The Bongo Java Comedy Theater in Nashville, TN, and The Laugh Out Loud Theater in Chicago to high praise!





The Collage – Chicago, IL – Friday 10pm Show


Chicago Improv Productions’ The Collage is a combination of long form techniques and short form game moves, so technically its a mid-form. The Collage is a format that is very popular with audiences, as we honor their suggestions and milk them until they are dry. Over the course of the show, we get several suggestions from the audience and often interact with them too. The secret to the success of The Collage is the cast’s ability to zig-zag between styles, forms, moves, characters, relationships, approaches, ranging from absurd humor to physical comedy to word play to strong characters, from deep relationships to superficial ones too. The Collage is like its artistic name sake, a series of things put together forming an organic theme. The Collage has performed at improv festivals across the Midwest including the Chicago Improv Festival, the Detroit Improv Festival, the Omaha Improv Festival, the C-U Improv Festival in Champaign, and The Compass Improv Festival in St. Louis as well as toured to theatres across the Midwest. The Collage has also done 4 runs at The Second City. 






HugSquared – Detroit, MI – Friday 7:30pm Show


HugSquared is Aaron Mondry, Anna Imisch, Matt Penridge, Nicole Pascaretta, Donny Riedel, and is coached by Gary Lehman and musically coached and accompanied by Jeremy St. Martin. HugSquared was created as one of two Launch Groups at Go Comedy Improv Theater in Ferndale Michigan. An annual event, Go Comedy holds auditions each March to create a Launch Group, who are assigned a coach and get a year of shows. HugSquared was a 2016/2017 Go Comedy Launch Group who ended their run on June 11, 2017. They work so well together, and like performing together so much, they are staying together to continue to rehearse, perform, and create shows. They have worked on several improv forms, including creating their own, and took on the challenge of working on and performing their own musical improv form, which you will be seeing tonight. Along with performing at Go Comedy, HugSquared has been accepted and performed at the Chicago Improv Festival, Detroit Improv Festival, and now Dam Good Improv Festival. During the summer and fall of 2017 they will be writing and creating their own sketch comedy show at Go Comedy, and continue to perform around the Metro Detroit Area.





Nashville Improv – Nashville, TN – Saturday 7:30pm Show


Nashville Improv has been entertaining audiences with their unique brand of musical and pop-culture infused comedy nationwide. They’re bringing the best of improv, music & theater into the 21st century, recently being featured on Hidden America with Jonah Ray, and past performances with Laura Hall from Whose Line is it Anyway, Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall, on Comedy Centrals Drunk History, and invited to perform during Chicago Improv Festival, Spontaneous Com, Gatlinburg Improv Fest and more, all while selling out shows consistently.
They are bringing their full musical team (Including their musical director who was the touring and resident musical director for Second City in Chicago for years) to the bright lights and big stage of the Dam Good Improv Festival to perform a set of entirely music based improv. Their one of a kind show “Your Musical!” will rock, sing and make magic up on the spot. Entirely inspired by you the audience.




Laugh Out Loud Theater – Chicago, IL & Schaumburg, IL – Saturday 10pm Show


Laugh Out Loud is a hilarious improv comedy ensemble with two locations in Chicago and Schaumburg, IL. For the past 10 years, they’ve delivered fast-paced and spontaneous shows in the style of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Audience suggestions fuel the funny and make each show a unique gem. Laugh Out Loud also teaches comedy classes and corporate entertainment and training.




Kentucky Bill – Louisville, KY – Saturday 10pm Show


“Kentucky Bill” is a long-form improv duo based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Each performance, Bill and Bill respectively, present a legend from their travels across the country and retell the tale to the best of their memory. It’s our goal to enrich and embellish the story telling experience. It’s your goal to inspire us to make a unique story, but good luck to you sir or madam, for we know every legend ever told. Having been featured at festivals in Kansas City, North Carolina, and the Del Close Marathon in NY, the Bills are ecstatic to bring their special brand of storytelling to the festival audience in their hometown.




Tenuous Reality – Louisville, KY – Saturday 7:30pm Show


TENUOUS REALITY is Alphaeus Green, Jr, Robert Thompson, and Karl Seitz, and they are excited to be one of the newest Improv Teams in the Greater Louisville Area. Striving for Originality, Diversity, Creativity, and Quality, our mission, should we choose to accept it (WE DO!), is to entertain you, our audience.

The Reality is us. We’re here. Come along for the ride. It’s going to be Tenuous.*

*Look, we’re better improvisers than we are writers. Seriously, it’ll be fun.




Burnside – St. Louis, MO – Saturday 7:30pm Show


Burnside is a house team from The Improv Shop in St. Louis, MO. Burnside performs the signature longform piece, the Harold. 




Improv Anonymous – Louisville, KY – Friday 7:30pm Show


Performing the art of short form and long form improvisation and making people laugh their socks off!




Laser Comedy Show – Chicago, IL – Friday 10pm Show



The Laser Comedy Show is a one of a kind, storytelling experience. Performing artist Chris Fair uses Laser Reactive Technology to draw characters and scenery with a cinematic sense on a glow in the dark screen, which the lines fade in moments like a high tech etch-a-sketch. Chris brings the characters to life by voicing them over, creating sound effects, music and continually drawing action to turn a 2-D screen into a 3-D world.

Chris has been a visual artist all of his life, studied art and film at Northern Illinois University and has been performing stand up, improv and sketch comedy since 2004. He has been developing the Laser Comedy Show since early 2011 when his brother introduced him to the technology with his laser reactive clothing company, Hyphy Color. Chris has studied at Chicago’s Notorious Second City, iO, Annoyance, ComedySportz theaters and has performed his signature show coast to coast at improv and comedy festivals.




Project Improv – Louisville, KY – Friday 10pm Show


Formed in 2002, Project Improv is Louisville longest-running improv comedy troupe. Project Improv focuses on long-form improvisation and original, experimental formats you won’t see anywhere else. It’s a show that is often weird, occasionally wild, and consistently wonderful.

Over the years, Project Improv Alumni have gone on to perform with some of the most famous names in comedy: The Groundlings, The Second City, iO Chicago and more. Current cast members have received training at iO Chicago, The Annoyance, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Magnet Theater, and have most recently performed at the Compass Improv Festival in St. Louis and Crossroads Comedy Festival in Indianapolis.

Project Improv’s 2017 Cast is: Ashley Anderson, Robby Boyle, Joey Eberling, Tony Harris, Jeff Koleba, Charity Murphy, Matt Schaaf, and Sara Thompson.




OTRimprov – Cincinnati, OH – Friday 7:30pm Show


OTRimprov is collaborative, simple, and joyful. We bring talented performers together to create consistently interesting, frequently funny, and always inventive scenes. By exploring a variety of forms, we keep ourselves and our audience on our toes. Members of OTRi have studied and performed with a variety of improv theatres and groups around the US, including Second City, iO, iO West, ACME Comedy Theatre, Mission IMPROVable, SmartyPants, Wit’s End, and Incredulity.  We are proud to have been named “Best Improv Troupe in Cincinnati” by the reader of CityBeat in 2015, 2016, and 2017